We are Minna Merilšinen and Ismo Romppanen, a married couple living in Kerava with our Beagles. Kerava is a small town in southern Finland, only 20 minutes drive from Helsinki.

We have had dogs for almost all of our lives. As a little girl, Minna had a dog of mixed breeds (Beagle-Finnish Spitz) called Manu. Manu was a jolly and wonderful dog, very much like a Beagle. Ever since those days, Minna knew that as a grown up she'd like to have Beagles of her own. Ismo grew up with many kinds of animals: dogs, cats, cows and hens. Sinttu moved to live with him in 1995. With Sinttu he went to dog shows and despite of lack of show success, he got very interested in dog shows. Soolo (Daragoj Solid Gold) came to us in May 1998 and so a long time dream came true: a Beagle moved to us!

We got our prefix 'Rhodium' in 2000. Rhodium is one of the world's most valuable precious metals. For us, our Beagles are above all very much beloved family members and they live with us in the house. The amount of dogs staying at home is very limited because we want to have time for each member of the little pack. The first Rhodium litter was born in March 2004. We show our Beagles quite regularly in Finland and sometimes also abroad (mainly in Scandinavia).